Who’s in Charge of My Child’s Education?

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by Emily

boy, with back pack, runningWhen I had my first child I couldn’t wait for him to be old enough to go to school.  I couldn’t wait for the state to take him off my hands so I could have some time to myself!  Life was just going to get so much easier when someone else took care of my kid!  But then, after a few formative years and wonderful mom and son time, I wasn’t so sure I was ready to send him away to spend so much of his time with someone else.

He went off to kindergarten, and I was happy to have a little bit of time to myself, but of course I still wanted to do some special activities with my boy.  As kindergarten was only a couple hours a day, there was enough time to plan visits to the library, local museums, or the park.  But then came the full day of school.  He was now gone 7.5 hours a day!  That put him with other people more than he was with me during waking hours!  I decided to create events so we could spend time together.  Not only was it more difficult to squeeze these outings in because school took up so much time, I found that when I planned a trip to the planetarium, that the second grade was already going!  I planned an outing somewhere else, then found out the second grade was doing that, too!  What was my part in this?  Why was he able to create special memories with his classmates and teacher, and not with his mom?  I felt like I’d been replaced by the education system.

Then, someone reminded me that as a parent I am in charge of my child’s education.  Oh yeah, sure, I’m in charge.  Wait.  What?  Me?  Not the state? I’m in charge?

That put a whole new twist on things.  When I realized that yes, I’m in charge of my child’s education whether it be public, private, charter, home, or whatever, I could actually feel some control over it.  In my case, I choose to let the state educate my child, but I closely follow what they do.  I volunteer as much as I am able and also supplement as I can.  If there’s a problem, I quickly communicate it because I am in charge of my child’s education and need my standards met.

I still have concerns about some of the activities at the school and find it difficult finding time to do extracurriculars I find important because the kids are away for so long each day. For example, I like that the kids have P.E., and know they enjoy it, but part of me would love to have my daughter in dance.  I’m not one to overschedule, so I just don’t have her in dance.  Another example is that I think it’s great the kids have music, and they’re learning in that class, but at the same time, it sure would be nice to have them in piano.  But again, I’m not a fan of being too busy, so we just don’t do piano.

Because our school is doing quite a good job, sometimes I feel it enables me to do less as a parent, and that makes me sad.  Obviously I’m still trying to figure it all out, but at least when I realize ultimately I’m the one responsible, it motivates me to be involved and aware.

  • How does your perspective change when you realize you are in charge of your child’s education?
  • How do you balance the full school day with extracurriculars?

About Emily

I'm a busy mom of 4 living in Utah and have been married for 14 years. I went to Ricks & BYU and have a BS in Health Science and minors in History and International Development. I did my student teaching in Western Samoa. If I ever have time, I enjoy blogging and sewing (especially re-enactment sewing), but usually I'm just trying to make time to exercise and clean the house. I hope to someday remodel and get more into historical research.

4 Responses to Who’s in Charge of My Child’s Education?

  1. Thanks for this post. I am always drawn to those who advocate for children. There is so much we teach our children outside of school.

    No real learning takes place unless it is in the context of a love relationship. We love our children so they learn from us. What a blessing in our lives. I am grateful to pass the legacy I have on to my children and grandchildren.

    I am grateful daily for that blessing and try to make my legacy the best I can.

  2. Guy Vestal says:

    My responsibility to and for my own children, has always given me a better perspective on my Heavenly Father’s oversight of me…

  3. Eliza O. says:

    Just happened across this article but I love it. There is no half-day Kindergarten where we live and I remember having a mild panic attack a few years ago before my oldest took the plunge about how I would meet the demands of being a good mom when I got so little time with her. I think it’s made me think hard about making sure that when we are together I try my best to make use of that time. I still don’t do nearly as much as I would like but I think we’re getting there. They just need to know that we love them, that we’re behind them, and will stand up for them and make sure they get the best of everything possible that we can give them.

  4. Emily says:

    Thanks for your comments all! Thanks for the reminders on loving our kids — I especially needed that today! We’re REALLY struggling with our #2 and probably need to love her more, but balance that with some tough love, too. Trying to figure that out. I really am a fan of volunteering, plus it is SO FUN for me! But, it is really hard to balance that out with younger kids at home — especially younger ones who don’t want to go to someone else’s house. I think we all go through stages and seasons, don’t we. Again, thanks for commenting! 🙂

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