Where’s My Petunia?

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by RI Editors

Why do so many wards go all out (Chocolates, flowers, plants, getting men to take all the women’s classes/ callings etc) for mothers, but barely mention Father’s Day other than in a precursory fashion?

Do we or do we not value fathers?

Has your ward done something great to celebrate Father’s Day?

8 Responses to Where’s My Petunia?

  1. Wonderdog says:

    My ward gives fathers chocolate bars.

  2. Brenda says:

    Our branch has a potluck after the services every year. It is really fun and a wonderful chance for everyone to visit and talk about how important fathers are.

  3. Valerie Eskelsen says:

    Our ward baked cookies for this year and the last couple. My contribution was peanut butter cookies, hubby’s fav.

  4. Grammie says:

    We gave pocket knives to our Fathers one year. They LOVED them!

  5. Liz C says:

    I don’t mind it when church doesn’t celebrate secular holidays. Honestly, I’d prefer we celebrate within our family, or with friends/neighbors, and if there’s a focus at church, how about on Heavenly Father, doctrine, discipleship? My husband puts it this way: if people aren’t loving and respecting others year-round, flowers one Sunday a year on a Hallmark-designed Holiday aren’t saying much.

  6. MSKeller says:

    I saw on facebook a sister post ‘tie pops’ – cake on a stick with ties on them – they were giving away to their fathers. So cute! One ward had root beer floats in the cultural hall after the block, I thought that was awesome. . . but in the wards I’ve been in over the years, only occasionally have I seen things been given. When I was YW Pres, we made tiles with a poem on it for our dads. I rather like celebrations of all kinds, keeps the world upbeat and interesting.

    I know there is the ‘I do it all year’ mentality as well, and I respect that, but I’m all for ‘setting apart’ a special time for extra notice.

  7. Cowgirl says:

    I made a special ward bulletin with a beautiful picture and a story and then quotes from kids in the ward about what they appreciated about their fathers (or stepfathers or grandfathers depending on the man raising them).

  8. Paul says:

    Our ward has taken a nice turn with both days. Token gifts (usually something edible, like a candy bar with a special wrapper or — in the case of dads this year a package of microwave popcorn with a reference to “Pop” in the attached note) were distributed in RS and PH on the respective days, with special deliveries to those serving in other organizations. (Actually, on Mother’s Day, all the sisters were in RS and had subs in Primary.) No waiting after sacrament meeting nor having to lug around a half-dead tomato for the rest of church.

    I really like Cowgirl’s idea.

    One year we did bookmarks for the dads with a few quotations from apostles on fatherhood.

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