What Do You Wonder?

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Recently, Brenda posted about questions, specifically the kind that get brushed off as “not pertinent to our salvation.” It is a great post worth reading, especially if you have questions – which I hope you all do!

She closed with this:

“Questions in the gospel aren’t always easy and even following the pattern we may not have the complete picture in this life, but ‘time, and experience, and careful, and solemn, and ponderous thoughts’ that are nurtured through divinely appointed forms of learning are certainly relevant and will help us move closer to the full truths of eternity. So please, please stop saying ‘It isn’t pertinent to our salvation.’ It is.”

On your journey on the path of discipleship, striving with real intent to follow Christ, is there a question which irritates you like a pebble that gets stuck in your shoe?

While you press forward with faith, depending on Christ, what do you wonder?



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  1. Brenda says:

    One of the things I’ve been exploring lately is the question- how literally should we take the scriptures? Mormons have a history in the latter-days of reading scripture very literally starting with Joseph Smith and his reading of James 1:5. He lacked wisdom and he went and asked God and was answered directly.

    While there is so much beauty and truth in symbolism in the scriptures do we sometimes try to make things too complicated? Take faith. Much of the language used to describe faith is the same that would be used to describe a physical substance or power. Christ quantified the amount of it needed to move a mountain, it is the power that God uses to create. Is it possible that faith is is an actual power like magnetism or gravity and not just an intangible?

    There are numerous things in the scriptures that can be thought of in multiple ways both literal and symbolic. It is fun to think about and research.

    • Jendoop says:

      It is interesting to think about! It’s also one of the reasons I love to read the scriptures over and over, there are so many layers of meaning and ways to look at them.

  2. If the Savior stood beside me, I think I’d ask, “Could you stick around for awhile while we talk?” And then he’d say, “Sure, we can talk anytime, as long as you want.” Then he would say, “You wanna read a book?” and I’d say, “I’d like that.” And he’d say, “Why don’t you read the Book of Mormon out loud and when you come to something you don’t understand, listen for a little bit and I’ll see if I can’t help you. Then when you get through with that, do the same with the Bible and the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price. Take as much time as you need. It’ll be wonderful!” And I’ll say, “Thank you! I’ll be looking for you! I love you!” And he’ll say, “I love you too. Do me and yourself a favor and work on some of those things that are holding you back. Think you can do that?” I’ll say, “You bet!” and he’ll say, “I’m holding you to it.” And he’ll point his finger at me, “Atta boy!” he’ll say. I’m guessing it wouldn’t go quite like that, but I get the idea.

    • Jendoop says:

      The only thing I’d add is: “After I’m done reading those will you give me more scriptures? I’d like to know more about your work in Asia and Russia.” 🙂

  3. Jendoop says:

    I would ask about psychological theories. There are some that are woven through scripture, but some of what I’m learning in school there isn’t a lot of LDS commentary on. It would be nice to know Christ’s thoughts on it. I feel like it’s part of the gospel, just a part we’re maybe not ready for? Some of the theories have been so helpful to me I wish they were in scripture. Then again I wonder if they’re there and I just haven’t seen them?

  4. Ja says:

    I would ask about angels and gender and if Satan is welcome if he would repent. I remember the story of the snake on the mountain and how the boy carried him down and bit the boy because he is a snake. Is it possible that the snake would hold to its word? Or would it then be a lamb in snake’s skin? That is mostly silly really, but the concept of fair but not equal because of the talent dispersion is interesting. The gospel really comes down to such an individual experience even though we are all in the same process. It is like siblings, they can be so very similar or so different and they grew up same nature same nurture, yet can be sooo different. I love the gospel.

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