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Today’s post in our General Conference Discussion comes from Paul and Cheryl. It addresses two different aspects of Elder Ballard’s talk; the priesthood, and his example of sharing truth.

Paul commented:

elder-m-russell-ballard-lds-634500-printI enjoyed Elder Ballard’s reminder that the men of the church are not the priesthood. This is not new news, but good to have the reminder.

Here is a link to the videos Elder Ballard mentions in his talk: Strengthening the Family and the Church through the Priesthood. 

Has your ward or stake viewed and talked about these videos? Did it change your view of the priesthood?

Cheryl wrote about the apostles’ example in sharing truth:

Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard answered the doubts and questions I had been feeling — from a political and social aspect. They made it very plain what the commandments and doctrines of the Priesthood are compared with what our society (specifically the USA) has been pushing for lately. I felt relieved, in a way, that my knowledge of the doctrines was not as “outdated” as I had been told, but I felt the stinging rebuke of humility for the way they shared those doctrines. It reminded me that I needn’t be smug or arrogant, harsh or cruel, preachy or unkind– I shouldn’t be! Whether or not I am asked to share truth, I learned that the WAY I share truth is just as important.

How do you see the priesthood, the power of God made manifest, operating in your life?

What do the Apostle’s examples teach us about how to share our faith and beliefs? How can we share in a way that glorifies God while loving as he loves?


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3 Responses to This Is My Work and Glory

  1. Jendoop says:

    I so appreciated the clarificaitons about the priesthood during conference. It is such a huge part of the gospel, but one we don’t study much, or really understand. The way it was explained made so much sense, that it is the power of God, therefore anything done by the power of God is done by the priesthood. Some of our frustration may be because of misunderstandings of language, like Paul pointed out.

    And thank you Cheryl for being willing to admit what you’re working on. I love the balance of pure truth with love and acceptance as well.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I have loved the trainings for the past few years and how they have focused on individuals ministering to individuals. I love that that is the focus of the Church. This is not a corporation. It is a ministry. We are learning to be undershepherds, and I love that that ministry is being brought to the level of the family. So love this focus.

  3. Paul says:

    I confess I was a little flummoxed at Elder Ballard’s teaching that it was priesthood power that created the earth when Joseph Smith taught it was the power of faith that did so. That said, in our church rhetoric, priesthood power and the power of faith are regularly intertwined. (I work it out by assuming that faith is the power in priesthood power.)

    My wife watched the training videons in a stake council last week. She came home very energized and anxious for us to watch them together and to use some of them in our home evenings.

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