The Gift of Faith

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by Cheryl

This is the fifth in a series by our writers and guests regarding spiritual gifts. We hope you enjoy our take on giving and receiving spiritually this Christmas season.

The baby was sick and had been up most of the night. In three hours, the big kids would be up and the day would begin.  I prayed as I stumbled from his bedroom back to mine, and in my sleep-deprived stupor I asked for a very explicit blessing. “Please, Heavenly Father. Please. I only need 3 hours. That’s all. Just three straight hours. Please let him sleep for three hours…” 

I’ll be honest. I wasn’t expecting it to happen. There have been times, too many to count, when my prayers have not been answered in the way I asked for them. Some have never seemed answered. A lot of them have been straight up “nos” and “not at this times.”

For some, I imagine this would be proof that God does not exist, and for others it may be the beginning of turning away from Him. In fact, in the face of many prayers that have felt unanswered, I have had to ask this question many times: “Why, Cheryl, do you still believe?”

The answer is not complex. In truth, it’s quite simple. I have faith. Faith that what I’m doing is right, regardless of disappointment or grief or despair. Faith that my prayers are heard, even if they are not answered in the ways I feel I need or want. And I do know this: Heavenly Father loves me. Even to the point of intervening and giving me tender mercies, gifts of love founded upon my faith, and sometimes, in spite of my lack of faith.

I walked back to my bed that night, with that furtive prayer on my lips and in my heart. The clock read 4:32AM. I fell asleep immediately and when I awoke to the sound of my baby crying, it was 7:28AM. Three hours.

He gave me three hours.

  • How has your faith blessed you? 
  • How have your prayers been answered?


About Cheryl

Cheryl has been blogging for many years about --but not limited to --her children (there are six), her husband (there is one), her depression (not fun), her travels (very fun!), her religion (loves it), and anything else that strikes her fancy. Right now she's probably reading a book or changing a diaper, maybe at the same time...

5 Responses to The Gift of Faith

  1. Paul says:

    Cheryl, what a lovely expression of your faith. Thanks for this today.
    Surely there are also blessings for acknowledging the Lord’s hand in our lives (or in three hours of our lives!).

  2. Bonnie says:

    I’ve had wonderful tender mercies like this too! They are so unpredictable, but so beautiful. Once when, for reasons that it would take a long story to explain, we were living in a little rattletrap house, after every good faith effort at enduring, I had had it. The plumbing under the sink didn’t work, so there was a five-gallon bucket there I carried to the toilet to empty. The windows would literally lift off from the outside. There was no air conditioning, and heat was a wall-furnace that ate dollars. There were so many mice that I would hear them scurrying around at night and I had to wash all my dishes every time before we used them, even as they sat clean in the cupboards. After about five months, I stood in the kitchen and cried to the Lord, “I can’t take this any more!! I can’t take ONE MORE MOUSE!” That night was silent. We lived there seven more months and I never saw or heard another mouse. Every difficulty wasn’t erased, but the one I truly couldn’t take anymore was.

  3. lhamer says:

    You know, I think a lot of people look for huge miracles to strengthen their faith, but it is these tender mercies every day that show His love for us. It is things like this that strengthen my faith.

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