Summer Fun?

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by jendoop

Hopefully you’ll excuse my somewhat frivolous forum question today. I’m wondering what you’re all up to this summer?

I can take a guess and say that many of us have family reunions to attend, those living in the “mission field” will be making the trek to Utah, and some of those in Utah will be making the trek to Church History sites.

What do you do at your family reunion(s)?

What is your favorite thing to do while visiting Utah?

What do you anticipate on your Church History tour?

Or am I being entirely too stereotypical and you’re visiting Angkor Wat to study Buddism as part of your Religions of the World tour?

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Jen writes, reads, paints, walks, prays, eats and sleeps. Paul is her co-conspirator in teaching these skills to 4 children.

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  1. Julia says:

    For a blog with so many writer’s in Utah, I guess the assumption that Utah is the center of vacation planning or reunions is about what I would expect. I honestly wish that a church that has so many members all over the world, that Utah culture was much less prevelant in not just blogs, but how we teach the gospel, talk about the gospel in our publications, and that we would spend more time thinking about how we would teach that principle from 3 different parts of the world, no where near the Inter-Mountain West. #endrant

    I’m looking forward to Portland Pride, to having my in-laws (non-members) visit from Utah. I’m planning on visiting my youngest daughter in New Jersey in September after the rates for flights and hotels go down. I’m not going backpacking this summer, but my PT will be focused on being ready to do two several stretches of the PCT next year.

  2. Cowgirl says:

    I’ll pipe up to add some geographic diversity. I have absolutely no connection to Utah and rarely find myself out that way, though Zion National Park is high on my list of parks to visit.

    At this moment I am in Yangshuo, Guangxi, China. I started in Hong Kong and I have a little more traveling to do in China before returning home. Later this summer I’ll visit Niagara Fall, NY and Kingston, Ontario and Colombia, MO. Some of the travel is work related, some is to visit friends, and the Niagara Falls trip is just for me and my daughter to go away by ourselves. She is very excited. No boys allowed. We are even going to visit a castle on an island and she plans to dress up as a princess for the outing. She’s 4 and has quite a few style opinions.

  3. Ann says:

    Frivolous is good, sometimes. We had our reunion in San Francisco as a celebration of our daughter’s wedding and there will be another celebration of same in Mass. in July. Also two kids and families are coming to Washington for the 4th of July. Nothing at all in Utah, sorry. As for us being in the “misson field” you should know we have ward buildings and temples and everything, just like the real church so I’ve never quite understood the term “mission field” and thought it had died out once the Church establised missons in Uath.

  4. readermom says:

    We are going to Utah, because of a wedding, family reunion and many friends we haven’t seen in too long. But honestly I am mostly looking forward to some time in the desert. I love the red rocks and the beating sun and the ability to leave civilization behind. Southeastern Utah is less crowded and more open and I love it there.
    The family up north are nice too.

  5. Paul says:

    My siblings all live outside Utah in the Midwest and points East. We will not have a reunion this year, except perhaps by spur-of-the-moment accident (that’s the way we roll).

    My wife and a cousin (who lives in China) are co-sponsoring a multi-generational reunion for their family (the key relative that links us all is a grandfather now dead). Though many of the family live in the Intermountain West, this reunion will be in Michigan (you plan it, you place it…). After that reunion, the cousin from China and his family will spend a little time in the northern part of Michigan’s lower peninsula with us (before they go back to their home in Utah for the rest of the summer).

    Once the summer ends, my wife and I will make our near-annual pilgrimage to Stratford, Ontario for the Shakespeare Festival there in the quieter weeks of fall.

  6. Liz C says:

    I’ve got a few teaching trips coming up, so work has to be in the mix, but my big kids are going on a brief Trek in Idaho, we’re hitting a Gold Rush living history in Wyoming in mid-July at the request of my eldest daughter (it’s her birthday present, getting dressed out in full historical fig and doing Gold Camp for her birthday weekend).

    Trips to Highland Games, and at least one trip to Oregon to visit family for the first time in two years, plus a house-party with a dear friend and her kids coming to visit, day-trips to the lake, backyard camping (my kids move out into tents for the summer most years).

    We school year-round, so we’ll continue with interesting learning all through, even on trips.

    For me, I need MOUNTAINS, and a visit to my parents, so those things are happening, too, along with plenty of New Baby Sewing for two very dear friends expecting babies at the end of summer.

  7. Jendoop says:

    As I said, this question is frivolous indicating it should not be taken too seriously.

    I’m going to Nauvoo AND Utah.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Normally we trek to California (yes, from Utah!) for camping and we trek to Canada to visit family. This year we are sticking closer to home and hope to camp a few times. Like Liz, I need MOUNTAINS every summer. Hiking for us is a weekly event, too. Right now, we’re just enjoying the being-out-of-school-schedules-are-now-easier bliss.

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