Standing Still

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by MSKeller

sisyphus-1The clock whispered its allure, tick, tick, tick.

Like a marble statue she watched the hands 
counting moments with a click.

Hope rang in her ears, sound, sound, sound

adding up the weight of Sisyphus’ burdened task lightened

by minutes marking, future bound.

Timepieces never reach backwards, onward, onward, onward
past exists not at all for the steady expectant regulator only

insistently pressing forward.

Begging for immortality in solid marble creation, creation, creation

Forever etched in a moment standing still and complete

melancholy laughs at expectation.


Memories mark an opposition, notice, notice, notice

Anticipation fills and urges more, chiseling future into

A granite life-marked edifice.

About MSKeller

Marsha Steed Keller (Th'Muse) "When I get a little money, I buy books, if there is any left, I buy food and clothes." --Desiderius Erasmus. This defines a part of Marsha's psychology and intent fairly well. When she was a child she says that people asked what super-power she would desire. She replied, "To know what is true, always." It hasn't changed much since then. Marsha cares more about intent than result; more about understanding than agreement and more about good questions than finding all the answers. She defines her best blessings as people (Family and Friends), ideas and beauty. She is highly visual, teaches voice and piano and enjoys her Life/Relationship coaching immensely. She has a BA in Psychology and an AA in Ballroom Dance. Life is an adventure to be lived in the moment and shared with the world. She considers being asked to write with this amazing group a high honor.

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  1. Amy says:

    Great read. Had to read it a couple times to get the full experience. **God loves you**

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