“Only A Sweet Roll. . . “

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by MSKeller

L Tom Perry and the sweet roll

I looked to mamma
her face a mask of apology.
“We just finished the last loaf
there is nothing
other than this sweet roll from dinner.”

That?  I thought?
I would be laughed at!
The other children would mock
my simple roll

though precious to us,
certainly not understood
to those unaware
it was a treat.

Yet, a familiar lunch,
I decided,
was better than none at all.

© MSKeller

So school, I,

the hall-monitor, braved.

I hid
at lunchtime
so as not to
be ridiculed
as I enjoyed, what I was certain,
would bring scoffing.

Imagine my chagrin
when all teased to see
my treasure.
I had to share.
Now, surprise mine
instead of cruel laughter.

Lowell Tom Perry is a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, having become a member of that body in 1974. Currently, he is the third most senior and oldest living apostle in the church.~ Wikipedia

wished for a precious piece.

That turned out

to be my *best* lunch trade day

Can I

that sweet rolls of life
may be exactly what
others may covet?

–<–{© Marsha Steed Keller  http://Chantaclair.com 3/31/01
Based on a Story by L Tom Perry

About MSKeller

Marsha Steed Keller (Th'Muse) "When I get a little money, I buy books, if there is any left, I buy food and clothes." --Desiderius Erasmus. This defines a part of Marsha's psychology and intent fairly well. When she was a child she says that people asked what super-power she would desire. She replied, "To know what is true, always." It hasn't changed much since then. Marsha cares more about intent than result; more about understanding than agreement and more about good questions than finding all the answers. She defines her best blessings as people (Family and Friends), ideas and beauty. She is highly visual, teaches voice and piano and enjoys her Life/Relationship coaching immensely. She has a BA in Psychology and an AA in Ballroom Dance. Life is an adventure to be lived in the moment and shared with the world. She considers being asked to write with this amazing group a high honor.

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