Mother’s Day Epiphanies

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by jendoop

Even though Mother’s Day comes every year, and some mothers have been around for many years, each year brings something different.

As a child on Mother’s Day I tried to understand what it would be like to one day be a mother.

The year I mourned for a pregnancy that ended too soon I appreciated the mothers around me who shared their similar experiences in support.

Another year I held my 5 month old baby close and realized in a new way what my mother had done for me.

This year I see the fruits of my mothering labors as there are no more diapers to change and my oldest daughter graduates from high school.

I look forward to future Mother’s Days with grandchildren (in the distant future).

What good thing did you learn or experience during this Mother’s Day, as a mother, a child or a spouse?

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Jen writes, reads, paints, walks, prays, eats and sleeps. Paul is her co-conspirator in teaching these skills to 4 children.

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  1. Ramona Gordy says:

    I was really surprised to learn that many women and some men did not appreciate Mother’s Day. I have read quite a few posts on various sites where some women seemed to have not so fond memories of this day.

    On Sunday, a sister in my ward gave a talk about motherhood, but before she started, she felt she had to list disclaimers to all who were not moms, or single, old, and grandmothers, and everyone else in between. Wow, I thought, when did this happen?

    I don’t have children, even though I wanted some, I feel that Heavenly Father has helped me to understand the reason’s why. I have a dog, so I am a “doggie mom”. I teach primary and I know there are various schools of thought concerning having a “mother heart” and mothering by default, but what I have noticed in me, is a softening and a compassion and love for these children I teach, and an admiration for their parents.

    In my ward there is one family that has recently added to an already large brood of children, an infant and a toddler. The dynamic between that family and a majority of the members of the ward is really sweet. Everyone looks after their kids, who are really well behaved, but there is always someone ready to hold the baby and walk with him, or play with the toddler, or even engage with the older kids, it is a beautiful thing.

    I occurred to me that when Jesus said to his disciples, ” Let the little children come unto Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.” I realized that we prepare children to “come unto Christ” by loving them and loving their mothers, and championing motherhood and even Mother’s day. I believe in most instances, the best love and the closest love we can experience next to the Father and the Savior, is the love of our mothers, and I never thought I would say that, but I know its true.

    • Paul says:

      Ramona, thanks for this really sweet comment. I really appreciate your perspective.

    • MSKeller says:

      This is beautiful Ramona. I loved reading your experiences. So many with your situation don’t see things as clearly yet and struggle.

      My own experiences have equally varried. I remember keenly the years feeling that I disliked the day because I wasn’t the wonderful mother that people got up and lauded. I didn’t even feel adequate in the role. I yelled too much, my children weren’t doing all that I expected of them and I wasn’t being the mother I wanted to be.

      Later my own perspective widened as I dedicated the day to my angel mother instead of making it about me. These days I have so many mothers to celebrate, I cherish the opportunity to once MORE tell them, think about and be grateful for them and to love my own priviledge in being called to that great responsibility.

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