Messengers from my Father

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by Bonnie

I could use a revelation. An angel would be good.

Del Parson,

The other day I was thinking about Adam and Eve and waiting for further light and knowledge. I was thinking that they aren’t the only ones besieged by a Satan who is eager to present solutions that aren’t what anyone needs. I was thinking that perhaps I needed to simply stand face-to-face with him and tell him that I’m looking for messengers from my Father. It occurs to me that God may work in patterns with His children, and that if He wanted to share with us that pattern, He might tell us a story.

Perhaps in that story, two people would do the best they could to petition God, and in that yearning they would not only prove to God but to themselves how important His counsel was to them. Perhaps they might wait for a very long time, and someone who wanted to seem like he was in charge might present all kinds of attractive solutions to them in the interim. They would recognize that they were better off continuing to search for real answers rather than accept the pretended help of someone less trusted, though more physically present. So they would be courageous in their waiting, walking away from the Great Usurper and the false peace of his faulty solutions.

When the messengers of the long-awaited truth finally arrived, they would have to get rid of the pesky Pretender. He would not want to leave. He might throw a fit and try to intimidate. If the waiting ones really wanted the message, they would watch the tantrum fearlessly, filled with trust in the messengers and the Father who sent them.

If God wanted to highlight the values of integrity, perseverance, discernment, and patience, this would be a good story to tell. If this wait-prove-give process is the pattern of God’s dealings with people of faith, how wise to present it in story form.

I’ve been thinking about that story and assuming that I probably won’t see an angel for a while. Still, I might meet up with a messenger. I might test my powers of discernment to determine if he is from my Father. I might feel the sweep of a heavenly gaze sizing up my integrity and perseverance. I might sense an impending message, long-awaited.

This weekend, messengers are descending to whisper in the ears of people called to speak their words. Angels of Light.

As you prepare for General Conference:

  • Have you really considered areas of your life for which you might need further light and knowledge, or are you feeling pretty independent and confident?
  • How do you or will you prepare to hear the message they’ve brought to your waiting soul?
  • Is there any false peace, any distracting faulty solution that you need to sweep from your life to make room for a better?
  • Against what raging intimidation will you stand firm in order to hear that message?
  • When you hear it, will you write it down?
  • Will you have a plan of action for your many notes, perhaps on one or two major themes?

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8 Responses to Messengers from my Father

  1. Paul says:

    My daughter (who is 12) asked me last night if I ever write a list of questions or if I ever pray about those questions before conference. I told her sometims I do write a list, and sometimes, I just pray about things that are on my mind without a list. And I told her that I have gotten sometims very specific answers to questions as I watched conference.

    I look forward to it again.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Yesterday Aaron at referenced a perfect example of the kind of revelation that often comes at conference time. I heartily encourage everyone to read his experience. I can’t describe how many times I have had my eyes opened in a similarly disconcerting way. Aaron will also be joining us in the future to share his beautiful insights, and we’re thrilled about that.

  3. Tristan says:

    I started doing this after Elder Bednar visited our stake a while back. In the month or so running up to last April’s Conference I started with two questions I was praying over and the answers came during scripture study a few weeks ahead. After gratefully thanking Heavenly Father and acting on the answers more questions came and continued to be answered as I was preparing for General Conference. It was an amazing thing. The questions I finally had when Conference arrived were answered during different sessions as well.

    This time around has been a little different. Of the questions I started with a few weeks ago only one has been answered. It still amazes me. And I can feel things shifting into place in the others, small pieces that are coming together. And lots of misdirections have been put in the way by Satan. Lots. Looking forward to this weekend almost as much as my children are. (They love GC so much more than I did at their ages!)

  4. Becca says:

    This post gave me goosebumps. And made me feel incredibly guilty for not studying the talks from April conference like I should have.

    I really love Stephanie’s General Conference Book Club. It gives me a chance to at least read through and discuss each talk again in the six months between conferences.

    And I am making a commitment to do better this conference at studying and applying the talks before April – I want to really appreciate the gift that General Conference is.

  5. Cheryl says:

    When I was a child, General Conference was a two hour Sunday morning affair, but I remember my mom listening to all four sessions. By the time I hit high school, I would listen in my room as I cleaned. By college? I was a furious note-taker, assuming that if I didn’t write every word, I wouldn’t get anything out of it!

    I have received more answers to problems by watching General Conference than in any other way. Truly. Yes, daily prayer and Temple attendance and all that confirm the things I hear, but truly listening and applying what the Prophets are saying every six months? Invaluable. The power of their words, when accompanied by an open heart and the Holy Ghost have literally changed my life over and over again. Power. That’s what it is –because they are, like you said, Messengers from my Father.

    Okay, now I’m getting really excited for this weekend! Thank you, Bonnie!

  6. Bonnie says:

    Just saw this on a FB update: President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Meekness implies a spirit of gratitude as opposed to an attitude of self-sufficiency, an acknowledgment of a greater power beyond oneself, a recognition of God, and an acceptance of His commandments.”

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