Law vs. Law

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by RI Editors

When my husband served his mission in England it was difficult to baptize a few of the families he taught because they didn’t want to get married. Well, I should say they loved each other and were devoted, marriage as an institution was appealing to them, but because of the welfare and tax laws of their country it was more lucrative for them to live together unwed than to marry.

I’ve heard that in many countries around the world stockpiling of food is unlawful, preventing members of the church living in those areas from having food storage.

What do you do when the laws of your land either mildly or grossly are in opposition to the laws of God?

Do you know of other laws around the world that oppose the laws of God?

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  1. Liz C says:

    Oh, good question! I’ve had to deal with the fact that if I won’t tolerate some societal “downsides” in order to live to the standards I’m inspired to live, then I’m not actually as converted as I’d like to be, and need to do some reformation in my life. God’s laws trump man’s convenience. If I lose financial conveniences to be married, then I lose them. If I am penalized for righteous desires, then so be it… I’d rather deal with the short-term wrath of man than have to answer for my own laziness before God, personally.

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