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by RI Editors

We are passionate about what we do at Real Intent, and we hope what you find here is helpful to you. Our vision is continually before us, and while many venues are online for the purpose of developing popularity, we work very hard to promote exactly what we say we do:

We, the authors at Real Intent, are interested in promoting a journey of discovery through the experimentation of faith, aiding one another by sharing insights and solutions regarding issues that face individuals, families, and communities in an increasingly divided world.

We do not accept advertising. We do not have giveaways. We provide reviews for the sake of interest when what we’re reviewing parallels our mission, and never accept remuneration (other than occasional review copies). We contribute our time voluntarily, and do not receive any financial support from any source. We are not registered as a nonprofit and do not use Real Intent as a tax shelter. We are free in every way to be guided by a spirit of contribution to the online conversation. We hope you are edified.

We have many new adventures in store this year! We plan a series each month on a different topic, are expanding our platform of writers, have been working with new guests from our readership and the LDS online world, and will be offering an expanded selection of reviews. We are excited for the ever-increasing value of the site.

We invite you to help us better fulfill our mission by:

  • writing a quick, personal note to your friends through social media or email, suggesting that you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and the kind of community this is, with a link to our site;
  • considering whether you have a desire to improve your writing talent by contributing to the conversation as a guest;
  • thinking about people you know who would be great guest authors and contacting them;
  • commenting when you are inspired or have a differing view to add to the conversation;
  • contacting us with suggestions for issues you’d like us to address in our Q&I Forum, Discussion Forum, or general observations about the site.

A community is benefited by the wonderful variety of its members. We thank you for helping us by visiting and invite your further contribution as friends.

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