Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday

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by NotMolly

Celebrating the events of the last week of Christ’s mortal life, and Resurrection Sunday, is possibly my favorite holiday of the year! This year, we’re lighting candles and reading from the scriptures each night, with family prayers focused on a concept from the readings.

Palm Sunday we read of the people gathering to celebrate Christ’s entry to the city, and prayed for the ability to recognize and rejoice in Christ’s work in our lives. Monday, we read about faith, authority, and listening to God’s servants, and prayed to have strength to obey and live authentically, without hypocrisy. Tuesday, we read the parable of the talents, and prayed for ways to add to what God has given us, and become more profitable and faithful servants. Wednesday, we read of the sheep and goats, and how to minister to Christ by ministering to “the least of these”, and prayed to be shown ways we should be serving others. Thursday, we’ll read of the last Passover; Friday, of the Crucifixion–I don’t know what we’ll pray over yet, because we haven’t gotten there. Saturday has some planned service work, and Sunday will be fat and full of worship, and our own Passover meal.

What is your favorite part of celebrating Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday? What is a favorite memory you hold? What faith-based traditions are you developing to enhance your household or personal joy in this wonderful season of hope?

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  1. Deborah says:

    I love the sanctity in the the concentrated time to reading about the sacrifice with the intent to better apply it to my quotidian life ~ and rejoicing !

  2. templegoer says:

    Rejoicing and prayer are my preferred routes. I used to use the week to focus on the Saviour, but found that I had only succeeded in harrowing up my children’s souls. Some people are too sensitive to deal with these events, maybe particularly as children, and need space and time and opportunity to come at them in their own time. It’s hard to trust in that as parents. If I had my time again I would concentrate on rejoicing in spring and our move from the darkness into the light through the Saviour’s work.
    I ‘m thrilled that it’s general conference this Easter as it gives me a joyful focus on the Saviour’s work with his children.

  3. jendoop says:

    This year I am loathe to dye Easter eggs, even though it’s something we’ve done every year before so my kids will be sad if we don’t. Although as I’m writing this I’m realizing that I should replace it with a different tradition and explain why I don’t want to do Easter eggs anymore. I still have young kids and love to celebrate Spring’s connection to Easter so I do feel celebratory more than solemn. Maybe we’ll plant seeds indoors and make the Easter cookies overnight. It’s so difficult to find the right balance of celebration that still brings the Spirit and doesn’t cause the kids to remember the celebration more than the Spirit.

    Tonight I’m going to my friend’s choir’s performance of John Rutter’s Requiem at her Lutheran church. I am looking forward to a powerful performance. Our little ward choir just can’t sustain the majesty that seems fitting to celebrate the death shattering resurrection of Christ.

  4. Liz C says:

    LDS.org has some lovely and gentle videos that walk through Holy Week that can be a good addition without being traumatic. With our littles, we focus on the kindness and love of Christ more than the physical brutality. My older kids are ready to know more about the physical realities of Christ’s struggle, but I wouldn’t want to shove that on a little child, definitely.

    I’m reading an interesting book called “Parenting in the Pew” and it talks a lot about bringing children fully in to the worship practice. I’m not sure, were we making a switch from secular to faith-based worship, if we’d go incrementally, or just switch and start new… I think we’d likely just switch. Since we’ve never done the secular stuff, it’s not been on our radar.

    I still delight in how much my kids like lighting candles for scripture reading. The oldest two (late and mid teens) alternate the lighting (my 14yo son is very particular about the order in which they are lit), and everyone helps blow them out. It’s such a simple celebration, but more key to them than I realized.

    We’ll be attending services on Sunday morning with my husband (Presbyterian) and then attending our meetings in the afternoon, so it’s lots of church, and hopefully, lots of music! The Presbyterians do a really excellent job with the music!

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