Heavenly Salutations: Mrs. God

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by Nick Galieti

When I was teaching gospel doctrine today I referred to Heavenly Mother as “Mrs. God.” It felt weird that I just blurted that out not having previously even thought about using that term. In fact, I have never heard anyone use that salutation or title but it just came out.

After I said it, I began to think, “I hope I didn’t offend anyone by saying that.” But then I thought, why would that be offensive?

Is that offensive? Would it be another way to refer to Her, or is that just one of those weird-ism, that we just don’t know what to do with one way or the other?

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  1. Jendoop says:

    Calling a married woman “Mrs.” is such a specific cultural observance that in her eternal mind it’s probably quaint. Similar to someone in your class saying, “Thank you for the splendid lesson, good man.”

    When considering the many reasons that our Mother in heaven isn’t mentioned more often I think reverence is one of them. You see how people take God’s name in vain. I wonder if he kept her name from us because he didn’t want it to be as disrespected as his name is. That leads me to believe that we should be very careful about how we talk about her and what we call her.

  2. Lily says:

    I agree with Jendoop- we ought to be very careful how we address her. Too, as a new member, I’d refer to ‘God’ till a sister pointed out that ‘Heavenly Father’ sounded much nicer. I feel so now and so ‘Heavenly Mother’ is more intimate and endearing than ‘Mrs’, IMO.

  3. Linda says:

    When God said, “I God, created Man, Male and Female, created I them” – that told me that the term GOD is a term which includes Both Male and Female – yes, Mr. & Mrs. God, created “Man” (both male and female kinds)- I believe that they are literally our Parents (Father & Mother kind) of our Spirit bodies. I believe they are ONE in all they do (that’s what He wants us to become with Him (them))- I suggest that they “Rule” in a familial kingdom – where our family relationships are paramount. Perhaps whenever we address GOD, we ARE addressing our Heavenly Parents (as a unified Oneness). I suggest they are BOTH involved in their childrens’s lives & in answering prayers, ministering to each of us. Perhaps our mortal/finite minds are really too feeble to wrap our minds around this concept of GOD, and can only focus on God, the Father.
    Men, in this life, STILL get more respect than do most Women (for earthly and sometimes all the wrong reasons)——- (although most of us realize at a very deep level that it was our Mother who bodily created us and to whom we owe, at least, an EQUAL homage, if she has taught us well and sacrificed for us in so many ways and enabled us to succeed in this life – will it be similar in the next? (After our “Fathers- Heavenly and Spiritually (Jesus) have put in place the ordinances and powers of the Spirit to make it possible? Are they not ALL EQUAL in this Family Plan? Why are we afraid to give equal homage to our Mothers??! (Because we would want to “worship” Her, as we are told to do Our Father? ) Worshiping “Our God” IS worshiping BOTH our Heavenly Father and Mother, is it not? I suspect there is much in this Eternal relationship that we are too feeble minded to fully appreciate – and in time we will be able to comprehend and appreciate how to truly worship GOD, and that would mean BOTH of our Heavenly Parents. Perhaps???

    • WoozleMom says:

      This is right in line with what I think.

    • Jendoop says:

      Interesting thoughts, it seems right that they are one. But then that makes the Godhead concept a little more complicated.

      • Diana says:

        No, it doesn’t make it more complicated. We have patterns of it all throughout the organization of the Church. Start with the First Presidency … they are all married and “one” with their spouses, and have their own individual families, yet the three of them together form a presiding unit, and are also “one” in purpose. Then that pattern is repeated through the quorums, wards, branches, stakes and womens’ auxillary presidencies all over the world.

  4. Nicole says:

    I think “Mrs. God” would be considered informal and if used a lot irreverent, just like we never hear “Mr. God”. I wouldn’t be offended if i heard it once like in your lesson, but if used a lot, I think it would be making light of our Heavenly Mother. I wouldn’t worry about saying during your lesson. I’m sure most people wouldn’t think anything of it, when used once or twice.

  5. Becky Rose says:

    Some one I taught on my mission when we first met him referred to her that way. We thought he was so smart! I don’t think it’s offensive.

  6. Monica Lynn says:

    As with most of our relationships with our Heavenly Father and our Heavenly Mother, I think they’ll look upon your heart. When we speak of them with love and reverence I don’t think they mind exactly which title we use. I am particular to Heavenly Father and Mother because it reflects the warm feelings that I feel are preeminent in my relationship with them, but in speaking about them in other contexts or in relation to their other characteristics I use other titles and names, as I do with Christ and his titles of Redeemer, Brother, and so on.

    So I think if you spoke it in love and reverence others will be able to feel that and that will be what was communicated more than just the title you used.

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