Good, Better Best is great, but what do you do with Best, Best, Best?

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by MSKeller

I find that I have so many things that are pressing and all very important to different aspects of my life, there  simply isn’t enough time in the day / week/ year to accomplish them. If I leave out ALL of my want- to- dos even, there still isn’t enough time. How do you approach this trying dilemma?

I try to have a ‘Power of three’ mentality, (Three essentials TODAY) but lately, even that grows to five and six and I feel like I’m drowning. I know how to prioritize, I know how to do the big things first, but it just seems that lately there are more big things that can logically fit in my glass. (Let alone the pebbles and sand and water. . . who needs water anyway?)

So, I follow promptings, and my den is still piled high with projects (that aren’t a #1 and probably never will be). When do we get to put some of our WANTS into the have-tos? Do they then become have-tos when we neglect them for too long?

About MSKeller

Marsha Steed Keller (Th'Muse) "When I get a little money, I buy books, if there is any left, I buy food and clothes." --Desiderius Erasmus. This defines a part of Marsha's psychology and intent fairly well. When she was a child she says that people asked what super-power she would desire. She replied, "To know what is true, always." It hasn't changed much since then. Marsha cares more about intent than result; more about understanding than agreement and more about good questions than finding all the answers. She defines her best blessings as people (Family and Friends), ideas and beauty. She is highly visual, teaches voice and piano and enjoys her Life/Relationship coaching immensely. She has a BA in Psychology and an AA in Ballroom Dance. Life is an adventure to be lived in the moment and shared with the world. She considers being asked to write with this amazing group a high honor.

12 Responses to Good, Better Best is great, but what do you do with Best, Best, Best?

  1. Crystal says:

    I like what you’ve said in the past, ‘some things just aren’t ready to happen yet.’ I guess I figure if I have the spirit, and I feel like I should do this thing rather than that one right now, then I’m doing okay in my choices. And since that’s the best idea I’ve got right now, thats what I go with. That, and which fire needs to be put out first…

    Even if what I feel like doing is (on rare occasion) a more ‘fun’ thing, I figure that’s what needs to be done.

    • MSKeller says:

      Can’t say I don’t agree, since that is what we’ve talked about often! I guess I know all of those things, and I do them, but still, I have days I feel like I’m drowning in many things that HAVE to be done, too many fires at once I guess.

      Like if I ever take time off, and then come home. . . it takes me a week to even get my head back above water, and in that time, more things have piled to the sky. I know ‘doing less’ is probably the answer, but as we’ve often discussed, what do you cut out? My devotional? No way, it keeps me sane. My business responsibilities? Maybe, if I want to completely change my lifestyle, like move into some apartment somewhere. My penchant for writing (like here?) I suppose I could, but then my mind withers and dies. (Been there, done that, no thank you!) There has to be better choices. Someone who’ll say the right thing and change my world, right?

      • Crystal says:

        Yeah, I keep waiting for that to happen… 🙂 I don’t think its going to. (BTW, I know you know this but I was more sharing for others, not you – sorry… 🙂 I know we’ve discussed this to death… lol) Another thing I keep coming back to, and hearing ringing true in my head is “use the Spirit to figure out what to do.” I know its true, and I believe it, but I haven’t quiet gotten great at putting it into action yet, but I think its part of ‘do what feels right, right now.’ I think part of the answer is being able to better hear and discern the Spirit… guess I ought to finish that book eh? Add it to my ‘pile…’ 🙂

  2. Paul says:

    When we set priorities, we do so with some sort of standard to assess where things fall. It it not just our sorting into Good, Better, Best that we need to examine, but the standard by which we choose among them. And for me, sometimes, it depends on the day. If I need a Mental Health Day, then my standard will be different than if I am on top of my game and ready to serve, for instance. (I hate to suggest it’s a sliding scale, because I generally don’t like the relativist way out, but in this case it is.)

    That said, I do have a t-shirt that lays out the standard: The picture over “good” is a hotdog. Over “better” is a hamburger. Over “best” is a steak. 🙂

    • MSKeller says:

      :: Laughing :: I totally agree that some days my ‘BEST’ is getting up and putting on my clothes, and attending to the scheduled events, while other days I seem to just rock and get a half-a-dozen things accomplished.

      Not sure what today is yet!

  3. Angie says:

    I think there are definitely times and seasons in our lives that have to be as you have described. But I have also found that it is helpful to regularly examine our list of “have tos”, first to make sure they’re ours in the first place (and not just the way mom always did it) and second to evaluate their priority in our current lives. Sometimes it is also a useful exercise to think through what will result in saying no to something ‘essential’ in favor of something that you want to do instead. I have often been surprised at what this simple exercise brings me in clarity, in the ability to let go of something that seemed so essential.
    Ultimately, the key thing is to take our questions to the Lord, even about the growing pile of projects in the den. He may bump some of them to the top of the list, He may quietly whisper to you that some of them aren’t going to happen and He may help you see that some of them you don’t even want, you just feel like you ought to want them. I think it’s definitely okay to say the list is still too daunting–either show me where the extra hours are in a day or show me what else I can and should give up.

    • MSKeller says:

      I love that Angie, “make sure they’re ours in the first place”

      Sometimes it is about looking at the consequences too. Very true. Long and short term. If < i> I can live with that is my gut response, possibly it can go yes?

      That is another possibility. Just tossing out/ regifting/ or just coming to terms that some of the things I would really love to do, just aren’t really actually ever going to move to the top of my list and get done instead of just weighing me down.

      Show me PLEASE is probably a good plea.

  4. Bonnie says:

    In Chinese holistic living (the feng shui aspect) one is careful to clean things out. A cluttered life is stressful and steals our peace. I have benefited from moving frequently in my life. It has forced me to remove from my life all but the most consequential and immediate. When the mountain grows in my office, I sometimes make the tough decision to never do some things. The mountain of opportunity that we keep around ourselves shouts our inadequacy at us, and interferes with clean living. Enough is as good as a feast. We can let go of many, many more things than we think we can. We will breathe so much easier. When I used to do feng shui arrangements for my clients, they were so amazed at how much more energy they had when they reordered their life and removed things they didn’t think they could take out. The flow was truly beautiful. There is truth to “too much of a good thing” and there is truth to “too much of the best things.”

    • MSKeller says:

      Yes, it says “simplify’ on my mirror. Easier said than done for some of us. That is actually one of the things ‘on the list’, but it seems that even that takes time to organize, toss, redecorate, all of which don’t seem to make it to the top of the list very often.

      I do appreciate all the ideas, just nothing that I haven’t heard before that resonates with my spirit, lifestyle, responsibilities and resources currently I guess.

    • Crystal says:

      I loved “I sometimes make the tough decision to never do some things.” I don’t know if I could ever do that – I’m a bit OCD… I want to do EVERYTHING… Not sure how to teach myself that I can’t…

      I also liked “The mountain of opportunity that we keep around ourselves shouts our inadequacy at us, and interferes with clean living.” I want clean living… clean as in clean, but mostly as in simple.

      Thanks for your thoughts.

  5. Jendoop says:

    Life isn’t meant to be certain, we are meant to take risks, make mistakes and learn from them. When I’m stressed about how to do more (best best and best) it’s usually because I am afraid of making a mistake or worried about someone else’s view of me. This is where the atonement comes in – let some things go undone, or do some things you really want to that aren’t on the “best” list. In doing them I’ll learn what is of value, what it adds or subtracts from my life, and how to make future good choices about how to spend my time. It’s the atonement at work, allowing us to make mistakes and still be close to God for guidance. There is no “right” answer.

    • MSKeller says:

      “Let some things go undone” – There’s an idea. Heh. Usually it is what adds or subtracts from someone ELSE’s life. . . that gets the highest priority.

      Sometimes even an answer that resonates would be great, even if it isn’t right. Ever feel like that?

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