General Conference Greatest Hits

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by jendoop

ashtonA few days ago I searched on the LDS library app and found a great talk from Marvin J. Ashton with audio and video! It was a flashback to hear Elder Ashton’s voice (my grandma’s favorite apostle). After his talk finished it automatically started playing the next talk – President Kimball! So many years have gone by since I’ve heard his voice, croaky and unique, a voice of certainty and faith from my childhood. Since then I’ve listened to most of the talks from that October 1975 General Conference session. (There was a welfare session that year, was that a regular occurance?) I’m amazed at the perspective those talks give me of the gospel and of the changes that have happened in the world. Obviously there are a few things that are dated, but in large part I was touched and inspired.SpencerWKimball_portrait

Have you listened to or watched some older General Conferences?

What place do these dated addresses hold in our current doctrinal understanding?

Do you have a favorite General Conference talk?

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  1. Ramona Gordy says:

    When I was investigating the church about 7 years ago, and my missionary’s were gently but persistently pushing and guiding me toward my eventual baptism, I was invited to come to the Visitors Center to watch a General Conference broadcast. President Hinckley was the prophet. Needless to say in rebellion, I ditched the missionary’s and played hooky. LOL:) So they gave me a DVD of the conference talks I missed. I still go back and watch them.

    But two conference talks form 2007 and 2010 by Sister Julie Beck stand out to me:” Mother’s Who Know” in 2007 and” His Spirit upon His Handmaids” in 2010. Sister Beck’s mission it seems was to start a “revolution of spirit in the women of this church. In listening to these two talks as a new member and convert, I learned a lot about my life as a woman of God. I don’t have children, but I appreciated the Mothers Who know Talk. I can now appreciate that phrase “We are all mothers” more than I could then. I learned to be a mother in my new friendships, in my primary callings, in visiting teaching. The most profound statement that I had heard at the time was this “Qualifying for and receiving personal revelation is the single most important skill that can be acquired in this life”. Just awesome.

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