Covenant Motherhood: A Review

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by RI Editors

profileOur friend Stephanie has written a beautiful, accessible treatise on the covenant relationship between mothers and Christ. In spare words – it’s under 100 pages – and without a shred of the type of personal aggrandizement that can inadvertently emerge on Mother’s Day, she outlines a perspective that has the capacity to transform the dreariness of domesticity.

The premise of her writing is that by understanding the roles Christ played in the earthly drama we are experiencing we will be sanctified as we function in those same roles. Slim chapters efficiently lay out His and our work: Jesus Christ Creates, Teaches, Succors, Provides, Cleanses, Defends and Protects, Loves and Sacrifices, Forgives and Shares Burdens, and of course, Saves. Final chapters address Grace and the Covenant, and the Eternal Influence of Covenant Motherhood.

Interspersed throughout are stories of the real life struggles she has had with these heavy responsibilities, humbly shared in a tone that reaches out to every woman who similarly stumbles under the burden. This is not another book on motherhood to make one smirk, sigh, or stew. This is the very uncommon book that makes one want to be a better mother and shows one how, not through tasks but through vision.

We are beginning to have a conversation about womanhood in the Church today that is teasing out some of the eternal intent of gender. Stephanie’s Covenant Motherhood is an important perspective in that discussion.

And today, you’re in luck! If you live in the corridor, you can meet Stephanie personally tonight. She’s doing a book signing at her launch party at the Seagull Book in American Fork (218 NW. State Road, next to Hobby Lobby), and from 6-8 PM you can visit with our friend before she’s famous! You can also read our recent interview together here, with links to where you can purchase Covenant Motherhood.


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  1. Lisa says:

    Sounds like a worthwhile read.

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