Conference is Here! And How Was It?

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by RI Editors

It’s finally here! (We’re not waiting until Sunday to listen, by the way.)

While Real Intent will not be keeping a live feed open for the conference this time, our own Kathryn will be tweeting conference from the operations center. Follow her at @LDSNana and remember to use the hashtags #LDSConf or #TwitterStake. Visit her April explanation post to find more tips for tweeting.

Our own Nathan Richardson has produced conference notes helps for your kids. May be too late to print for Saturday morning, but if you log on here and decide to print them for afternoon or Sunday sessions, you’ll be set! Larry Richman also has an activities page at LDS Media Talk.

After you’ve watched conference, we’d love to have a conversation about answers that came to you or aspects of conference you especially enjoyed. Click away below, and feel free to give your thoughts in the comments!


8 Responses to Conference is Here! And How Was It?

  1. Jan says:

    So many messages to soak in! No more pre-mission blues–they can hit the field immediately after school! We’ve been reminded to love the gospel every day all day; to strive for consistency, and to minimize our regrets by living the gospel better. Such love and encouragement from our beloved leaders.

  2. Paul says:

    Loved Elder Bowen’s touching remarks…very instructive for me. And of course President Uchtdorf hits another home run!

  3. Lisa says:

    I loved this session and soaked up every word. It was so gratifying to look over and see my 14 year old daughter quickly scribbling notes just like her mama. I loved every talk and found a bit of application from each one. Choosing happiness is my mantra, I loved hearing it over the pulpit from our leaders. I can’t say enough…

  4. Bonnie says:

    For me there was such a theme to the morning session, even carrying over for some of the talks in the afternoon. I am excited to write about it, to ponder it, to make changes in my life. I do very much feel the work accelerating. What a time to be alive!

  5. Ray says:

    My daughters glowed today after the announcement of the mission age policy.

    That alone made this a special day.

    For more on that announcement and how it impacts my children:

    “Truly God Knows Us Personally: My Children and the New Missionary Age Policy”

  6. I spent a few hours last night going through all the ‘prophet’ talks and picked out my three favorite quotes from each. As someone on Twitter described my task, “it’s like trying to pick your favorite child”. Right he was!

  7. jendoop says:

    I felt an urging to be more proud of my Savior, to not shrink when challenges come. While at the same time remaining humble to be led by the Spirit. Grateful for so many instructions on how to be better, how to build faith, to be more fully converted. Think how sad it would be if we were told, “This is it, that’s as good as it gets.” What great hope there is in being told to improve, and how to improve. It is weighty, but all the beautiful reassurances of God’s love and intimate role in our lives makes it feel possible, through the atonement of his son.

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