Being Accepted of the Lord

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Michaela shared:

erich-w-kopischke-largeI loved Elder Kopischke’s talk on acceptance. I’ve been feeling a little bit rejected and inferior lately and wondering how I could get out of that. I’ve also worried about not being accepting enough of other people because of my internal feelings, so it was wonderful to hear how I could make sure I am seeking the acceptance of Heavenly Father. Also, it was intriguing to see how he lowered his voice in some parts of his talk that made him seem more gentle.

What does acceptance mean to you?

How do the concepts from his talk apply to family, leadership, or the youth?



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  1. Bonnie says:

    I had the experience immediately after conference of having something go badly that affected my children. I was deeply saddened by it and apologized humbly, and then was further humbled by their kind and immediately forgiving attitudes. They even went out of their way to demonstrate to me that it didn’t bother them. I was then reminded of all the times that I had been impatient with them, communicating dissatisfaction if not anger. I was embarrassed and encouraged to do better. It is so easy to communicate that people fall short with our disapproval. It is so hard on people when we do. I love his words that a broken heart is a soft, receptive heart. His talk made me want to have a broken heart, one that made me safe for others to work and be with. I am learning to” more readily acknowledge (my) sins and shortcomings, and willing to repent, willing to learn, willing to change.” I am eager to feel that increasing acceptance of the Lord. I want to have a heart like His. This was such a profoundly encouraging talk to me.

  2. Deborah says:

    I agree Bonnie~ and Elder Cordon’s talk was on similar veins.

  3. Jendoop says:

    Acceptance means welcome, it means unconditional love. It means approval. It means that I’ve done something right in this world full of a lot of wrongs. And knowing if we’ve got the acceptance of God is as simple as feeling the Holy Ghost. It isn’t easy to retain, but it is encouraging to know that for at least that moment where I felt the fire in my breast God accepted me.

    The tricky part is being able to hold onto the acceptance of a being you can’t see standing in front of you, when those who are in your eyesight mock or pressure. Even adults are influenced by peer pressure, it’s not only an adolescent problem.

    It is comforting to know that the Lord wants us, in whatever messed up state we are in. He doesn’t want us to pretend we are something we are not, he wants the true messed up us. In fact, that is the only way he will take us, if we are honest about all of our ugliness. No one else on earth is really able to give that to us the way the Lord does.

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