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Ali commented:

craig-a-cardon-largeElder Cardon’s talk was exactly what my husband and I needed to hear because of a situation with a family member.



  • How does knowing that God wants to forgive effect your perspective of repentance?
  • How does “after all we can do” apply to addictions?

 Read Elder Cardon’s talk here. Watch here:

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  1. Brenda says:

    What really spoke to me in this talk was the emphasis to keep repenting. Over and over and over on the same issue if necessary. With addiction, certain sins, and many weaknesses it may seem that we keep treading over the same ground. It can get to the point that you wonder if God is ever going to jump in a take it from you or if maybe even He has given up on your attempts. This is simply not true. He will be there no matter how many times you fall down, we must keep trying. We may struggle our entire lives with certain problem but as we look back we will see the improvement and strength. I felt very hopeful after this talk. Keep trying, keep striving, God is there and he wants to forgive you.

  2. Bonnie says:

    I’ve been thinking about cultural exhaustion a great deal since Elder Bednar’s talk, considering a long-standing personal interest in the Pauline prophecy that in the last days “men’s hearts would fail them.” When I heard this talk I thought about what courage it takes to accept the Lord’s invitation to come back the 7th time, much less the 70th or the 490th. Pressing forward with a perfect brightness of hope is hard work sometimes. My heart went to many people who are exhausted this conference, and I wondered how I could help. The Lord never grows weary of us; we can’t grow weary of ourselves, or each other.

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