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Faith Crisis: It’s all in your head

by Nick Galieti

Over the past few years, the term “faith crisis” has become used as a war cry of those disaffected with the church, as well as those who are engaged in an honest search for answers to challenging questions about their faith. As a result, when someone says they are going through a “faith crisis,” it’s hard to know if that person is saying they hate the church and want to leave, or they still believe the church in spite of some dissonance they may be currently experiencing – or somewhere in between. This wide application of the term can cause one to wonder, what does “faith crisis” really mean, and therefore how are people supposed to respond to someone declaring that they are experiencing one?

“Faith crisis” or experiencing a “crisis of faith” is a loaded designation. Individuals who self-diagnose as experiencing a faith-crisis are in pain, some internal conflict, and it is significant enough to be called a crisis. Upon hearing this designation, some instantly seek to rescue the person in crisis while others will be scared and hesitant to continue the conversation for fear that they will misstep into an uncomfortable conversation or relationship. For both the person in the crisis, and the person associating with that individual and being brought into their drama, just remember, faith crisis is all in your head.

To the person in faith crisis

To the person in faith crisis, remember that what you feel, what you are thinking, is uniquely happening inside your own head/mind. People can’t see this faith crisis externally (unless you tattoo “I am having a faith crisis” on your forehead). Most people don’t know all of the circumstances in your life that lead you to where you are at, including any of the traumas that accompany or lead people to experience a crisis of faith. People are not mind readers, nor should we expect anyone to make assumptions on our personal histories, as doing so will likely lead to offense or misunderstanding. (more…)

Through Their Eyes

by Bonnie

I don’t write publicly very much anymore because I’ve felt drawn to spend the last couple of  years listening. It’s been valuable to my soul to be silent more. I certainly don’t share things so intimate very often, but this morning I choose to share a piece from my journal written today in its unedited rawness. Oh, if only it might help just one person it would be worth the unpolished exposure of self.

This morning I dreamed that I was a young woman, destitute, and I was robbed of the one resource I had: a visa or gift card that had some money on it. I knew the identity of the robbers (3 young men in a small, beat-up red car, but my focus was the one in the back seat) and I knew what they had spent the money on (a night’s stay in a motel; they weren’t doing well themselves) but I didn’t feel that I had any recourse to get it back or call them to justice because I wasn’t in any kind of position of stability myself, with too many needs to focus on getting the one thing I needed. I was talking to some people when another young man, being silly and thoughtless, playfully splashed something on me that got my clothes (my only clothes) wet and dirty. I was livid because I had no way to get them clean and had been going to go to the judge to see if I could get my money back.

Something primeval bubbled up inside of me.

throwing rock (more…)